Animatable SVG Attributes

This list omits:

  1. All <filter> and related attributes
  2. All <font-face> and related attributes
  3. All on*, xlink:*, and xml:* attributes
Attribute Elements Type
cx circle length
cy circle length
d path path
dx text list of lengths
dy text list of lengths
lengthAdjust text, textPath, tref, tspan keyword
method textPath keyword
orient marker angle
points polygon list of positions
preserveAspectRatio marker, pattern, svg, symbol, view list of keywords
r circle length
refX marker length
refY marker length
rotate text angle
rx ellipse length
ry ellipse length
spacing textPath keyword
viewBox marker, pattern, svg, symbol, view rectangle (like what clip uses?)
x tref, tspan list of lengths
x1 line length
x2 line length
y tref, tspan list of lengths
y1 line length
y2 line length
Gradient-related Properties
fx radialGradient length
fy radialGradient length
offset stop percentage
spreadMethod radialGradient keyword
Unit-manipulating Properties
clipPathUnits clipPath keyword
gradientUnits linearGradient, radialGradient keyword
markerUnits marker keyword
maskContentUnits mask keyword
maskUnits mask keyword
patternContentUnits pattern keyword
patternUnits pattern keyword
pathLength path length
textLength text length
Easily-mappable Properties Mapping
gradientTransform linearGradient list of transforms transform
height foreignObject length height
markerHeight marker length height
markerWidth marker length width
patternTransform pattern list of transforms transform
rx rect length border-radius
ry rect length border-radius
startOffset textPath length text-indent?
transform a, circle, clipPath, defs, ellipse, foreignObject, g, image, line, path, polygon, polyline, rect, switch, text, use list of transforms transform
width foreignObject length width
x cursor length left
y cursor length top