SVCC Talk 2 - Developing Games in HTML5

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On Sunday morning I did another SVCC talk, filling in for Newton Chen. I didn't want to repeat myself from the previous day, so I couldn't do too much of what Newton seemed to be planning. Instead, I decided it would be interesting to develop a game using HTML5 technologies, and then recreate it live in the session. Other than some technical hiccups in the beginning, it was great!

I'd considered several games to replicate before finally settling on a Worms clone. To my knowledge Worms hasn't shown up as an HTML5 demo yet, so it would be fresh and new. It was also something that I thought would be really easy but still relatively impressive, and I was right.

Without further ado, I present two links; the first goes to the "completed" game that I coded before the session (finishing about 10 minutes before my session started), and the second goes to the game I coded live in front of an audience. The latter, obviously, isn't quite as complete, but I'm still fairly impressed I was able to get as much done as I did.

  1. My completed Worms clone, using HTML5 technologies
  2. The partially completed live-coded version

Hopefully everyone who attended my session learned a lot about Canvas and the general process of creating a game. Have fun scouring the source code for tricks!

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