Finishing Out the Lists Module

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I edit a lot of CSS specs. One in particular that I picked up a little while ago is the CSS3 Lists Module, which was abandoned back in 2002 after Hixie left the CSSWG to work on HTML exclusively.

I've given it a nice refresh and rewrite, and I'm just about ready to finish it off and start it down the standards process properly. I'm still missing a few small pieces, though, and that's where you come in.

You see, I've got a lot of predefined list styles in here, mostly alphabetic styles used by various languages. The Appendix A - Additional Predefined List Styles covers most of the major languages of the world. I know that I'm missing a bunch of Indic styles, though (right now I've just got a single one named 'hindi'), and I'm pretty sure my Greek coverage is incomplete (I have upper-greek and lower-greek, but I'm pretty sure there are more styles than that in current use, and I'm pretty sure there's a numeric style that uses Greek letters as well).

If you or someone you know has access to lists (markers!) or books (page numbers!) which use these scripts, let me know (just contact me). I'd like to cover these areas in the spec, so authors that write pages in these languages don't have to define them manually themselves. I could use pictures or unicode characters for the lists, particularly a full set of 1-character markers and a description of how more markers are constructed. Or, if you feel like you understand the syntax of the @counter-style rule well enough, just give me a ready-made counter style.

As well, if you're in the mood for some proofreading, I'd be super happy to hear about any mistakes I've made, or any other miscellaneous missing list styles. I'm solely an English speaker, so writing a spec with a significant chunk that's completely meaningless to me has been, um, "fun".

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