TopatoCo is the Best, and You Should Buy Everything They Have

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I just got this email today:

Someone is About to Get a Package From TopatoCo!

And that someone is Tab Atkins Jr! Tab is about to get a package in the mail from TopatoCo, former freelance hovercraft pilot training center turned world famous webcomic merchandise distributor! Basically we just wanted to let you know that your order 196811 has shipped and the tracking information follows (if available). Thank you so much!

Shipped on 9/16/2011 using USPS First Class: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

If the shipment is USPS International Priority or First Class, the number above is NOT an actual tracking number, it is only a Customs ID for use in the event of a lost > package. Keep in mind none of these numbers become active in the UPS/USPS system until they actually grab them from us, which can take 24 hours and even longer on weekends.

USPS packages within the United States should arrive in 2-5 days, and UPS packages in the exact amount of time the tracking number indicates. Canadian deliveries should be expected anywhere between three days and two weeks, mostly depending on border activity.

If your package is destined for a distant, magical land it can take up to four weeks depending on how seriously the Customs Agent takes their job. We strongly urge you to familiarize yourself on any weird silliness your local mail delivery place might pull when receiving and delivering packages from the US Postal Service. USPS tracking is not available for international destinations (unless you paid for Express shipping), but all packages have Customs IDs that can sometimes be used to determine the approximate location of mischevious packages. If you need more information, please visit or write to Thanks for supporting independent artists on the Inter-Tubes of CyyyyberSpace!

TopatoCo provides storefront and/or shipping services for the following independent creators. Learn more about them at

Sincerely, Holly, Kaliis, Jeffrey, Lucid John, and Wolfman Green

"TopatoCo. Occasionally Thinking About the Children, Then Quickly Thinking of Something Else."

This is why I love TopatoCo and all the wondrous things they sell. They sold me the always-popular and oh-so-comfy Fat Pony Tshirt, and this most recent email is announcing that I'm soon going to receive my personalized copy of the Dresden Codak Primer with some sort of sketch in it! Yay!

So yeah, go to TopatoCo and give them all your money. They're starving artists, and you're a good person, right? Good people support the arts.

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